The Lodge


Accomodation: 8 large en-suite rooms

Food: tasty homecooking with good wines and beer

All in a superb setting right on the edge of the renowned Hortobagy National Park overlooking a beautiful puszta landscape

Birding and Nature Holidays


Birders for Birders - with the help of the country's leading field ornithologists, decades of experience and up-to-date local knowledge we can make your holiday unforgettable.  




After some 10 years in the making we are finally open! 

With lot of water just outside the doorssteps we are expecting a very good spring. Never a better time to see the Hortobágy!


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The Hortobágy


The Hortobagy is one of the top naure reserves in Europe: a large area of marshlands and steppes. It is Hungary´s first National Park and is one of the westernmost protrusions of the essentially central Asian steppe ecosystem, holding exotic, eastern species of plants and animals..The vast, level plains hold a complex mosaic of different types of grasslands ranging from shallow reeds and sedge marshes to herb-rich 'tall-grass' steppes. The dominating grassland, is however a more sparse type that thrives on the alkaline (saline) soils that characterize this region. The vegetation is thin and species poor, but the plants that can be found here are almost without exception highly specialized rarities.The Hortobagy is first and foremost a bird sanctuary with over 300 species on record offering exceptional birding. The puszta is more than a nature reserve. Herdsmen still roam the grasslands, as they have done for centuries with their longhorn cattle and the typical screw-horned Racka sheep.  

The Lodge


The lodge sits right on the edge of a soda lake, an ideal location for discovering. This not only means you are just an arm's stretch away from the national park, but more importantly it means you are right in the middle of nature. Whilst the buildings lie in a small woodland there is an unobtrusive view over one of the most unique habitats in Europe. The temporary shallow water of the soda lake and grasslands provide a mosaic of habitats Thanks to its highly varied and extreme conditions a lot of specialized wildlife finds its home here. There is always something happening here: at times tens of thousands of birds are just outside your window, majestic grey cattle graze quietly or a falcon shoots by. Flat is not boring!

Visting the National Park


The Hortobagy National Park is a vast area over 80 000 hectares of grasslands, marshes, fisponds with few roads a limited number of access points where one can enter freely without a guida and with  a valid ticket. These are:

Hortobágy-fishponds (extra ticket is needed for the train);  

Egyek-Pusztakócs marshes; 

Szálkahalom nature trail;

Other fisponds within the boundary of the National Park or owned by the state. 

Some attractions require individual tickets (e.g. Fishponds' train, Máta cart riding, Malomháza Zoo and animal park) - these areas are, with the exception of the fishponds, offer very little for the serious nature enthusiast. Any other areas - basically 99% of the park - may only be visited with the prior approval of the national park and with an approved guide.


This means that most areas ares off limits, you will need an approved guide or a national park ranger to accompany you.

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