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So Why Flat is



We've  created a superb base to discover the Hortobágy: in fact this is where the Hortobágy begins, right outside the window!

There is a lot to see in our 4-hectare (10 acre) garden. The national park sneaks into the garden with all its creatures: we have had some amazing birds within the garden: Avocet, Stilt, Spoonbill, Black Stork, Oriole, Scops-owl, Black Woodpecker, Kingfisher, White-tailed and Imperial Eagle, Saker, Bee-eater, Red-breasted and Lesser White-front Goose among many others . And surely lapwings too. It must be among the longest and best garden list in the country.  

We welcome both independent visitors and organised groups. The Hortobágy can be combined into several itineraries and you can spend here three full days easily. Most people come here well prepared with the knowledge of what they want to do, yet they find themselves pleasantly surprised - both by the quantity and the quality.

If you are not the nature-lover/bird maniac type then at first it can be a bit disappointing here. As an alternative there are spas in every village/town around here, and there are the National Park attractions that can fill a couple of days.

Ideal times for naturalists would be:

Spring: Early spring sees the arrival of various ducks. Birding really picks up in the second half of April with the arrival of many migrant species. By May all breeding birds are present and active well into June, 

Autumn actually starts for us at the end of August when the first northern migrants arrive back. The highlight however  is the biggest concentration of Common Cranes in the world. Cranes are present from September but numbers are highest around mid October (130-150 000+): something not to be missed, northern geese (incl Red-breasted and Lesser White-front)  arrive a bit later with the masses of Greater White-fronts around the very end of October/November and they overlap with a lot of cranes still around harvesting corn.

Winter is more quiet, it is the eagle season when there is an influx of wintering White-tailed eagles are present, and we mostly have photographers around. It can be an eerie experience to take a walk over the frozen puszta.

The high summer besides being really hot can also bring some spectacular thunderstorms.

This place never ceases to amaze us, any season has some great moments. This is a difficult land to like, it is so much easier to fall for the mountains or a beach - yet we take the challenge and believe - well not in a flat world but - that flat is not boring. Come and see it yourself.


Need a proof? Please, scroll through our gallery:

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