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The Lodge


We offer comfortable accommodation in 8 spacious rooms: 6 with twin and 2 with double beds. All rooms are in the ground floor and pleasantly cool during the hottest months thanks to the shade of the small woodland it is surrounded by. All rooms have terraces overlooking the national park that is merely 10 metres away. All rooms come with big bathrooms with showers. There is free WI-FI too


In the main building you can taste our home cooking: we prepare all meals from scratch here using when possible local, often organic ingredients.  We are prepared for early (in fact very early) breakfasts

Dinners are also served here. All meals are plentiful and tasty. We can also make simple packed lunches for a long day out.. You can taste some good wines here and we always have cold beers. We cater for all sorts of diets and allergies.

Your Footprint

We devised our operation to minimize environmental impact. The main buildings are made of straw bales and adobe bricks and the accommodation building is a well insulated brick building. We fitted water saving taps and showers, use renewables  for heating and hot water generation, we have solar cells, solar panels, we recycle, and compost. Garden clippings are fed to our neighbor's animals for compacting and pelleting and part of the garden is mowed by them too - very quietly. We do not spray or use artificial fertilizers but the above mentioned "pellets". A lot of our supplies is sourced locally from locals. We try to avoid big transnational companies and their products. And yes we also use bio-quality cleaning stuff whenever possible. 

The location 

The  best possible base for nature enthusiasts to discover the Hortobágy

The Team 

We are a small team of two plus our kids, so it is a really small and really local and really family business. Being so few means we do everything ourselves from dawn till dusk. We take pride in our work and as we love this lifestyle it is a great source of fulfillment for both of us. We like to meet people from all around the globe and appreciate all of you who make a journey here.  And if you return again and again  we know we do something right. 


Sweetest thing we have ever found in a bedroom - surely you must believe somebody with an obviously lot of life experience

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